When I was a little girl, I made lots of crafts with my mom. We sometimes used kits like sequined ornaments for the Christmas tree and crackled glass marble animals but we also made candles, milk carton animals, rug hookings and keychains. Later on, I did quite a bit of crewel embroidery and counted cross-stitch as well as making sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. My mom and I both did crafting with my niece when she was little. She went on to do more crafting and crocheting and made beautiful (and creepy) centerpieces with her step-mom for her Halloween wedding. My grandmother was a crocheter and my mom, a knitter. I learned basic crocheting and knitting from them but never kept at it. My mom is going to show me how to knit again, so maybe I’ll be making some scarves in the future.

I love crafting, or making, designing, or building anything for that matter. Unfortunately, it takes time and money, and sometimes talent, all of which I am in short supply of, so, I like crafts that don’t require a lot of supplies or tools to do. I also like crafts that I can typically complete in a few hours or on a weekend. I work a lot with fleece, making wreaths and throws and occasionally other crafts like the Faux Succulent Wreath.

I love fleece for crafting, it is very beautiful and very forgiving. I also enjoy making fleece throws for the seasons or holidays and they are great to give as gifts. Whether you live in an area that has a cold climate like Indiana or you live in the air conditioned comfort of Florida, throws are always necessary! And, they make for great cat and dog beds as well.

Everything is always easier with the correct tools, so I do recommend some tools for particular projects even though they aren’t necessary. Tools like the rotary cutter, can be used for numerous projects, especially if you make more than one throw. It is well worth your money to purchase one, it will pay for itself and eliminate crooked edges (if you’re like me) and frustration.

I’m an avid cat lover. So you will see cat related items like cat crafts and catnip filled cat toys along with braided dog pulls. I am passionate about proper feline nutrition and published a book in 2011, Feline Nutrition: Nutrition for the Optimum Health and Longevity of your Cat.

I love the holidays, any holidays, and like to decorate the house for each holiday or season, even if it only means hanging one simple wreath on the door.

Most of the projects here have little embellishments and are meant to be understated and simple in design, however, add your personal touch to alter the design or enhance it to fit you or your giftee’s style.

—– Lynn Curtis